The company "The laboratory of innovative technologies" (OOO "LIT") was founded in June 2011.

The Company is included in the holding Skygrad which founders are Yuri Sobol and Alexey Abramov — former officers, scientists who took part in the scientific and practical developments of 4 Central Research Institute in Yubileyny, Moscow Region, Russian Federation.
The task of the company is the development of innovative activities of the holding.

The main directions of work are the creation of technologies that receive low-cost building materials with improved performances. Upon reaching the goals given priority is given to the attraction of new raw materials, as well as the creation of technologies containing package of innovations that enables a comprehensive approach to the production cycle. The company's specialists in their work are follow the environmentally strategy, so the innovative projects that have an environmental component, is preferred.

The recycling industrial waste is the strategic directions of the company:

1. Recycling ash (CHP wastes);
2. Integrated waste-free technology of phosphogypsum processing.

During the processing of phosphogypsum an important task is performed — the revival and formation in Russia of the industry of mining and processing of rare earth metals, including the entire cycle of the process:

1. Mining of concentrate (REC) from phosphogypsum.
2. The division of REC to elements using centrifugal extractors (for the first time in Russian).
3. Preparation of rare earth metals (REM) by technology using induction furnaces.
4. Preparation of the final products using the REM (magnets, polishing paste, catalysts, etc.).

The company LIT provides a full cycle of search, research and development activities aimed at creating cost-effective high-performance and environmentally friendly technologies. Among the employees of LIT are graduates of leading universities in Russia, candidates and doctors of Chemistry.
The structure of the company includes:
• equipped research laboratory (Yubileyny);
• scientific research production (Yubileyny);
• pilot production (Pavlovsky Posad).

For the 2011-2012 one can list the following achievements of the company:
• Creation of complex technology of production of gypsum building materials from phosphogypsum to obtain a concentrate of rare earth metals.
• Technology of separation of the concentrates of rare earth metals to the individual metals.
• Development of technology for complex processing of CHP ashes, including drying technology, separation to produce cheaper types of fillers for building materials (silica-alumina and silicon components of ash), the allocation of carbon content of ash, used as a promising fuel.

All LIT's designs undergo research and pilot tests for scientific research and experimental production, respectively.

Emerging technologies have the block-modular technology and hardware layout that allows you to quickly and cost-effectively create industrial plants and clone them in other regions of the country. Thus, the company's products are not only a variety of products from pilot production, but also the complex technology that can be brought to an outside customer. Research laboratory for the benefit of third-party clients and research also analyzes provided materials (including a full cell).

The company works closely with leading research centers in Russia (Russian Academy of Sciences, ARRICT, VNIIMS, MGSU, VNIISDM et al.).
Skygrad. 2019.
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